Live on Purpose

When I think back to my days in my early 20s, I do not remember having much of a plan. Sure, I was in college but, as far knowing I wanted to be at Goal X by Date Y, not so much.

I was not down on myself about it, I knew I would eventually figure it out if I gave myself some room and did not fall into the comparison trap (more on that one in a few days). I wanted to have a healthy and meaningful life and was confident the rest would fall into place. Looking back, I am tad shocked I was so self-assured at 21, maybe I did not know enough to be freaked out?

When my daughter was born, I had a pretty clear purpose with her; to make sure stayed alive. She was an infant and could do absolutely nothing for herself. As time has passed, she can do more and more for herself, and I have found other another purposes for myself.

In Yoga, we often talk about setting an intention before class. Truth be told, there have been days where my intention was “to find a good intention for next time” and other classes where it my intention was something very meaningful in honor of another person. If I had put a ton a pressure on myself the days when I wasn’t feeling especially calm when I walked in, the odds are slim I would have been able to find peace of mine by the end.

I have gotten much better at going in a general direction without judgment. When I started moving towards being a Health Coach, I did it without putting a ton of pressure on myself, as I knew I would start to fine tune my focus as time went on. I live with purpose. With each passing month, as I learned more about Holistic Health, I was able to narrow in on what I wanted to do.

So how do we navigate Self Love in a world where everyone is obsessed with results when we aren’t so sure where exactly where we want to go, but know we want to get moving?

Just start. Those two words I use when I do not want to exercise, but I know I need to. I know I especially need to the days my resistance is strong.

Just start. Those two words were what I told myself when I thought I was going to freak out when I started my these in grad school. My topic was Workplace Wellness, and an Introduction was needed, so that is where I began.

Just start. Those two words were written on my computer when I was writing my book last summer, the weather was great and I didn’t feel like it.

When we are working towards our goals, it increases our Self Love. We feel better about ourselves and others notice we are no longer the same person we were when we did not meet our own standards. The more we love ourselves, the easier it becomes to meet the next goals. Life is great like that.

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment,” Jim Rohn

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