New Years Day

“New Years’s Day now is the accepted time to make your annual good resolutions. Next week, you can
begin paving hell with them as usual”
Mark Twain
I have to say Mark Twain was on to something with this little gem. There will be a lot of talk today and
for the upcoming days of resolutions, and how to keep them. An estimated 40% of American makes
resolutions. Mark Twain’s estimation as to when most resolutions are broken isn’t what recent studies
show, we are able to hold on a little big longer. Current research done by the University of Scranton
shows 80% of people’s New Years Resolution lasts until early February, and then only 8% actually
achieve what they set out to do.
So what do the New Years Resolution winners do that the 92% do not? Are they genetically gifted
unicorns or was it something different?
– Simplicity
I like 3’s. If you have 10 things you are going to change, it is overwhelming. Keep your list short
and manageable. When the list is way too long, it is easy to toss the whole thing as too much to
do. I came home from an Ayurveda retreat with a 4 page list of things they wanted me to do, I
picked 3 things, and I did them for a few weeks. Then when I had successfully implemented those
into my daily routine, I looked over the list again. When it was an option of the entire list or
nothing, it was very easy to pick nothing. Choosing three worked rather well.
– Tangible
Deciding to “get in shape” isn’t the same as losing 5 pounds by January 31st. Committing to the
715am Spin Class 3x a week is different than hoping you will find the time once life gets crazy.
The same concept goes for losing weight. Even if you have a significant amount of weight to lose, find a plan with tangible metrics. My meal plan is very clear cut, you either stayed away f
rom processed food or your didn’t, there isn’t any gray area.
– Obvious
There is more and more research into the power of vision boards. Seeing what you want on a
daily basis is very powerful. Another tactic is to tell your friends so they can support your efforts.
You could also post on Social Media about your resolution goals. Charting your progress visually
is a great way to see how far you have come and how far you have yet to go. Think of the school
fundraisers with the giant thermometers on their front lawn, right away you know how much
more money they need to build that playground!
– Believing
If we believe we can, then we can. If we say we will try to give up sugar, then nothing will
happen. As Yoda said “Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try” We have as much control our amount of
willpower as we think we do. Our self disclosed amount of willpower will become a self fulfilling
prophecy. Declare yourself a winner of willpower!
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