“ Do or Do Not. There is no Try”

I admit it, I am a closet Star Wars Nerd. I don’t have art work of Hoth in my house or anything. I do refer to the Light and Dark Side of the Force in my book “Why Can’t I Stick To My Diet”, it is to illustrate how I used to either be binging or starving. I recently did spend way to much time speaking with a friend on how Han Solo is the actual hero of the original series, not Luke. It was truly a Star Wars nerdfest.

What does this have to do our actions? They all start with our thoughts. Whether or not we make ourselves miserable when Spring will not freaking come or if we can in fact blow up the Death Star (yes, I did go there) either way, we are right.

I used to not see a connection between what I thought and how life seemed to work out for me. It did not seem to be related at all. It seemed safer to assume things would be awful, and then when they would turn out to be that way, I wasn’t surprised since I did not bother to think they could go any other way.

Now I know better, and I have got to tell you, life is better.

Sure, I did get pulled over the other day when I ran through a Stop sign on the way to dropping my kids off at school. Yeah, they were yelling and I was distracted, but it did not ruin my day nor did I blame anyone for my actions as I chose to do a California stop IN FRONT OF A COP.

As I dug through my glove box for my license and registration, I told myself I had a choice as to how I thought about this and how I felt about what was going to happen.

I knew my kids were watching, so I really wanted to nail this life lesson. I was calm and friendly with the police officer, I smiled and did not get a ticket. He gave me a warning and that was it.

As I drove the speed limit to my kids school, we had a talk about why I was wrong to run through the Stop sign, and how when they are ever pulled over, to always be calm and respectful to the police officer. Having an awful attitude will not help ANYTHING.

What if you has a good attitude for today? What if we all were to? We would all be on the light side of the force now wouldn’t we?

May the Force Be With You.

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