March is National Nutrition Month.

We will be getting down and dirty with common misconceptions about Nutrition, what are facts vs trends, or flat out rumors. Also, what is left to eat given all the conflicting information?

Don’t stress, we will take each topic day by day and give you enough science to make an informed decision.

We have spent too many years with trends, marketing campaigns and endorsements being disguised as accurate health information, to not take our time looking at the data, and research.

We can always experiment with our own bodies by eating a certain way for a few weeks, and taking note of how we feel. Are we sluggish, of full of energy? Is our skin vibrant, or has our eczema flared up again? What style of eating gives us the highest quality of life and which one makes it difficult to function at work?

We will go over what exactly are macronutrients and why they matter, are carbohydrates the devil or simply misunderstood? Have you ever wondered if diary will give you strong bones or is it simply marketing by the Diary association?

Many of are confused over protein consumption and vegans are bombarded by well meaning relatives concerned they are lacking in it. What is the actual top nutrition concern for a vegan?

I am so excited to be sharing my passion for Nutrition with you and I know much of the confusion we have over “What the heck is left to eat” will be solved.

Until tomorrow,


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