“Let all your things have their places; let each part of your business have its time.” Benjamin Franklin

We so often thing of Order as Organization of our things or even a system of paying bills like autopay. It is also our relationships, our careers and not letting things get messy with our personal lives or inviting drama.

Do you take personal personal responsibility when something goes wrong or do you look to blame others?

Have we ever spent more time rehashing the problem than looking for a solution?

Does every one in your life really need to know about the latest pre-wedding argument you got into with your Sister? Being her maid of honor doesn’t make you her admin for Pete’s sake!!!!

In all of these instances, getting Order across the board will make things easier.

What if you apologized fully and completely with you screwed up and tried your best to not let it happen again?

Imagine how much more time we would all have if we were in problem solving mode more often than finger pointing?

As far as your sister, wasn’t she patient when you were getting married? Isn’t there a story about you wanting to taste test 8 different types of red velvet cake, from the same bakery?

These personal changes make going to the organization section at Target seen way easier doesn’t it? It is intended to.

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