Reclaiming my Weekend

As an entrepreneur, it was a challenge to figure out how to structure my schedule this last year. I could work anywhere and at anytime so I was working anywhere and always. It wasn’t productive and I was exhausted. Oh and my family was pretty mad at me!

One of the areas that needed works were the weekend. I made a standing date night plan with my husband for Saturday and a family movie night for Friday. On Sunday, I rest. There isn’t any catching up on emails, or writing of content. I don’t work at all, minus one fun planning hack I learned.

The exception is I do plan out my week starting at 8pm. I will send my kids to their rooms to wind down for the upcoming school week. Make a cup of decaf tea, (I like Aveda) and get to work in our den, making sure to stay away from my office as much as possible.

My friend makes these adorable hybrid adult coloring books/weekly planners that get me organized for the upcoming week. This process along with a day of chill has helped me me get rid of the Sunday night blues.

By 9pm I am done and there is time for a tv show or reading before I go to bed early to hit the ground running on Monday.

What do you do to reclaim your weekend? Or are you still a work in progress?

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