Seems way too early to be writing about Christmas seems doesn’t it?

The kids are still in Summer vacation from school, it is warm outside and football preseason has not begun.

So why am I thinking about Christmas in July?

How many of us mentally checkout from getting healthy until after the holidays or until life calms down? Or until the kids go back to school? I hear this all the time and I can relate as I used to be the same way, but let’s To it differently this year.

What if you were to stop postponing feeling your best?

What if this time you gave yourself an early Christmas gift of getting healthy?

I am starting a VIP Masterclass where we will be going over:

– why your past diets didn’t work
– why you won’t ever go on a diet again
– Your individual food plan
– I will get you through the rest of the Summer
– You will be rocking the Fall and Holiday Season
– Private coaching with me
– Once a week group calls
– VIP FB group

The class will start mid August, so let’s talk.

Be sure to put XMAS in your message.



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