Sibling Love

Approximately 4 out of 5 Americans grow up with a brother or sister.

Most people will never know another human being as long as they know their brother or sister, even if you fought constantly growing up, or lost touch for years as adults the connection will always be there.

However, there is no one that can truly understand you or make you freaking nuts like your siblings. The show “This Is Us” illustrates this very well. The main characters have gone from screaming at each other, to loving and reminiscing in a matter of minutes, because that is how siblings roll sometimes now isn’t it?

My younger brother and I are three and a half years apart. In a strange twist of fate, so are my own kids. My son, Liam also has a sister, Moira who is three and a half years older.

My brother and I spent years in the back seat of cars fighting over who crossed the line, having sleepovers at our grandparents and me telling him he was adopted even though he is the spitting image of my Mother.

When one of my kids is home without the other, for a while they are excited to have us all to themselves, then the boredom of having no one to interact with sets in. There is no one to declare victory over when it is always your turn to have the remote or if you always get to decide what movie we should see.

My kids will go from fighting over a chair to loving each other to screaming because someone ate the last grape in a 5 minute time period. There was the time they were hitting each other as we were walking up the stairs to catch an international flight or that Liam’s first word was “No” or the time Moira asked why Liam couldn’t just sleep in the garage when he was an infant.

The love we have for our siblings is like no other. Let’s take some time today and acknowledge it, even if it is your sisters turn to call.

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