Sleep is a biological necessity like food, water, air. I didn’t always treat it like that.

I used to take it for granted, assuming it would always be there when I made time for it.

I never pulled an all nighter in college, grad school or a junior high slumber party.

I can tell you the number of times I have stayed up all night in my life- 3. All of which were due to extreme circumstances. One was due to childbirth.

For years I would get ready for bed, and wake up the next morning, that was how it worked. I never understood ads for insomnia meds. Since 99% of the time I would just go to sleep until I was 30.

What happened that year? I had a baby and my beloved sleep was taken away from me and I became obsessed with it.

Much like a scorned ex-girlfriend, I did not to away quietly.

• The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, believe that insufficient sleep is now a public health epidemic.

• According to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), sleep is essential for a person’s health and wellbeing. Yet, it is estimated that 50-70 million U.S. adults have a sleep or wakefulness disorder which can affect daily functioning, such as driving, and overall mental health and long-term well- being

• Studies show that poor sleep leads to an increase in appetite, fat production and weight gain.

• It is really important to note, this is not just a consequence of consistent or long-term sleep
deprivation: hunger and appetite increases occur after just one night of reduced sleep.

• Studies have shown those who sleep for less than seven hours a night are likely to have a higher BMI than those who regularly have a good night’s sleep. The disruption of our ‘hunger hormones’ makes us more likely to eat irregularly, snack between meals, season our food excessively and eat fewer vegetables – none of which contribute to a well-balanced diet.

So I was exhausted, starving, yet eating all day, on the verge of crying constantly and not functioning for squat, all because of sleep?
Couldn’t I just pound coffee?
Or what that the chronic exhaustion talking?
What about when my husband care home?
I could “catch up” on sleep right?

In my trolling of my ex sleep, I had to relearn everything, don’t worry in a few small tweaks we can all get back on track.

“Sleep is the best meditation”- Dalai Lama

Until tomorrow,


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