So You Wrote A Book

My third baby was born yesterday, only she (it must be a girl) lives on your Kindle or Ipad. She
isn’t measured in pounds or inches but in word counts and file size. My third baby will be in a
bookstore near you in 2018, and I will be happy to sign a copy for you. When “Why Can’t I
Stick To My Diet” grows up and asks “Where did I come from?” I will happily tell her and now I
am telling you.

I have always been a writer at heart. Whether I was writing stories in the 4th grade or way too
detailed of a survey response to Buy Buy Baby because they asked what they could do better. I
have always been looking for a way to be heard, and I tend to do better writing or shall I say
typing, since my handwriting is so abysmal my 3rd grader says “it kinda stinks Mom, no

Since forever, (or at least 14) I had been either on a diet or some form of a gaining weight uptick.
I had reached a point where I could not do it any longer. I was already an Exercise teacher in 5
different modalities, so I had that part down. I thought I knew about Nutrition, or at least the
health tips reality stars told me about in the magazines I read at the Nail Salon. I decided to get
serious about learning everything I could and it made all the difference in the world. Figuring out
why I was losing my flipping mind either obsessing about the food I was going to eat or doing the
mental math every time I looked at a menu and equating it to how long I would have to work out
to “earn” it was getting old.

Science, which was always my least favorite subject in school, saved me. Understanding why I
always needed more and more Sugar made me realize it wasn’t a matter of whether or not I was a
good person, it is a chemical reaction to stimulus. Science let me know the only way to stop
having constant thoughts about Sugar was to stop eating it all. I could not have Cheat Days as
they do not work for me. I had to feel sorry for myself for a day or two and then accept it and life
got much better.

Science leads me to want to share my perspective with as many women as possible, as from
what I could tell it was mostly women who were stuck in the same diet cycle I was. It was not
our fault, but no one ever explained it to me in a way that clicked. I had to find it out myself, so I
knew there were other old I out there. Writing an Ebook seemed like the best way to get in
touch with them.

Sure, I have a strong social media network, but no where the reach of Amazon’s. In addition,
with something as sensitive as a woman’s weight, they don’t necessarily want to be reading
something entitled “Why Can’t I Stick To My Diet” at soccer practice. Some don’t really care but
most don’t. Either way, my book can be read on your phone, Ipad or computer. It is all good. For
the purists, you can have a paperback in hand in the Spring, but in the meantime email me and I
will send you a PDF. I don’t want you to have to wait.

So back to my writing saga. I agreed to write my book by September 10th and this was after my
husband and I had planned to be in Asia for most of July to celebrate our 15th Wedding

Anniversary. Our children would be home from sleep away camp the first week of August, and I
had already given our Nanny the rest of the month off to see her family in South America. So, I
had the majority of “THE BOOK” when we were traveling I told myself. It would be no
problem. All of the long flights and relaxing would be perfect for writing, or so I thought…
In my husband’s defense, when the trip was being planned “THE BOOK” wasn’t on our radar at
all. He worked with the travel agent extensively and having the perfect environment to write my
first book wasn’t a consideration. I had no idea how I would feel when I was writing under such
conditions and the deadlines weren’t going anywhere just because I was feeling Surfing in the
Maldives would be a better use of my morning than turning in another 5,000 words.
In the three weeks of our trip, we were in 7 different hotel rooms and 6 countries. It was
wonderful to have our marriage blessed by a Cambodian Monk and go on private boat up the
Mekong River. However, I found out I needed quiet and my own space to write, especially my
first book. I am fairly confident when I write the next and I already have a few 1,000 words
written for the follow up to “WCISTMD”, it will flow much easier and I will know how to
schedule my time.
With all the travel, and being sick the entire time in Vietnam, I didn’t get the entire book written
in Asia. I wrote the introduction on my iPhone in the Dubai airport, and the first chapter on an
overnight flight to Bangkok. By the time my kids got home from camp, my jet lag had gone
away, and my Nanny was heading to the airport. I would lock myself in my office in the
morning until then their old babysitter home from college took pity on me and would come over
for the afternoon. I am sure she did something productive with them, I really could not tell you
what exactly. This went on for a few weeks.

For the last 6 years or so, we have rented the same beach house in Maryland. This year, we had
let each kid bring a friend and my 25-year-old brother came as well. Again, arrangements all
made pre “THE BOOK”. I gather everyone had a fun time, I am not super sure as all I can
remember is not once going to the beach or even putting on a bathing suit. This did not go over
well with my anyone in my family. It was quite fascinating since my husband had work
emergencies on vacations numerous times and the kids didn’t question it and I simply figured it
out. I promised everyone this would not happen again, so whatever is going on professionally for
me in August, you had better believe I am NOT going to locking myself in the faraway bedroom
while we are in Maryland.

I finally got out of book cocoon by Labor Day. Many of my friends had no idea I was home from
Asia as they had not seen or heard from me since the 4th of July. I was 95% done by then so I
felt like I could see the sun for a few hours.

Back in September, my book pre-launched and it went to #1 in 2 categories immediately it was
incredibly rewarding. My kids were so excited and my husband was very proud. It was as if all
the time they had to spend with my locked in my office was forgotten- almost. When my kids
saw the Dedication page and I promised the family a trip to Disneyworld, that seemed to make
things a little easier for everyone.

The last 6 weeks or so, I have been back in my book cocoon with round after round of edits,
book cover drafts, book cover final drafts, promotional work, doing Facebook Lives, trying to
figure out why my headshot isn’t as many PSI’s as it is supposed to be. Oh and what the heck is a

Yesterday, my book was launched and she is a beauty. She knocked it out of the park and is still
going very strong. If you haven’t read your copy yet, here is a link. For Veterans Day, I am giving
it away all weekend, just tell others. I want to help as many people as I can

Now, I have to get her through the actual bookstore process next year, but I know she is going to
be great.



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