When I was kid, my Grandmother who had done Weight Watchers in the 1970s told me to only occasionally eat what was then known as “starchy vegetables”. The term is not used very often now, even in Weight Watchers, but it is a scientific classification so here it is.

“Starch is a substance that is found in foods such as bread, potatoes, pasta, beans, corn and rice.” So what many of us commonly think of as a “bad carb”. These foods are classified as complex carbohydrates. They produce vital energy when your body converts them to glucose during digestion. (Livestrong)

Glucose is the energy your body needs to run on, the same way your car needs gasoline. Remember not all complex carbohydrates are the same.

I often write about the glycemic index, it is another way of classifying how much starch or sugar is in food. Here is a link for you to learn more.…/…/glycemic-index-and-diabetes.html

Think about the last time you ate went out for Italian food, had the bread that came first, then had a bowl of pasta. How did you feel an hour later? Probably super tired and lethargic? That is because you had a ton of white flour, very little protein and fat to slow it down.

The fast acting carbohydrate your body processed in the same way it would have table sugar. White flour and white sugar are almost identical to our body.

I am a fan of lentils, yams, sweet potatoes and black beans as long as they do not make you want to scarf down an entire baguette. I am not coming from a place of judgment with this, as I have scarfed many a loaf of baguette, just suggesting you become aware of how you feel after the less starch fill complex carbohydrates.

I recommend cutting out both along with artificial sweeteners for at least 60 days and noticing how you feel, how much weight you drop, your digestion problems will go away, your skin will clear up and life will be all around better.

I can not promise you will be immune to speeding tickets or split ends, but you will be able to think better and not be as hangry as your blood sugar will be stabilized. I promise your friends and family will thank you for this 🙂

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