Sticking To The Perimeter

The modern grocery store is not set up by accident. The displays, which items are at eye level to
small children and even the placement of gum has all been determined with the help of focus
groups and with a keen sense of purpose by large food corporations. Even with all of this money
and preparation, there seems to be a universal truth to grocery stores across the land, one wall is
produce, another wall is meat and a parallel wall tends to be eggs and dairy.

I tell my clients to stick to the perimeter of your grocery store. This way they will be eating fruits
and vegetables, legumes, animal proteins, and dairy products (if you tolerate them). Let’s not eat
anything made in a lab, or synthetic fake foods, AKA frozen diet meals, funky nutrition bars with
45 ingredients, or diet or fat-free dairy. We want to eat real food because our bodies know what
to do with it. Our bodies know how to digest an apple.

Something made in a lab to fake our brains into thinking it is sweet but isn’t will cause a reaction

of some sort to the rest of our
bodies, and most of the time the reaction is not cute or pleasant. Oh, and our brain is still looking
for that actual apple.

There are many problems with processed foods: They are usually full of high-fructose corn syrup
and various types of sugar, they are hyper-rewarding which leads to over-eating, they contain
artificial and/or controversial ingredients, they are more likely to be addictive than real foods,
processed foods are usually another term for sugar, they rarely have any nutrients or fiber, our
bodies convert them to body fat easier than real food, and they are often full of trans-fat, clogging our arteries.

To give yourselves the best chance of not combatting the craziness of the Holiday food this month,

stick to the perimeter as much as possible.

There isn’t any real need to make every meal
from today until Christmas Eve a free for fall when you can just as easily eat real food and keep
your sanity and your waistline. That is my Holiday wish for you!!



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