In my role of a Life and Holistic Weight Loss Coach, I spend a great deal of time focusing on my clients beliefs, many they don’t even realize they have.

I recommend my clients plan their food ahead of time, and make as many food decisions as possible ahead of time.

During the Summer months, the concept of Spontaneity comes up often. So may of us believe it is impossible to have any sense of Spontaneity if we plan ahead or are prepared.

Everyone wants to be spontaneous, but how spontaneous can be we without planning? No matter what the Summer plans are, we do have greater influence over our environment that we like to tell ourselves we do.

Why do so many of us rebel against the idea of Structure?
Why do we falsely believe there is freedom in winging in?

The results of being spontaneous without planning
-slim to zero healthy food as most things at 7-11 are processed
-last minute food decisions, which rarely end well
-over hunger almost always results in over eating, and ordering pizza or nachos or both. Could have all been avoided in planning

Collective rebelling Against Structure
When you are the organized on in your friend group, the responsible one in your family, or the “buck stops here” wth your co-workers it can be tiring, but let’s face it it someone needs to make sure things are accomplished, but there tends to be backlash against us responsible types.

I say this as a person who has had our Christmas 2018 Vacation planned since November of 2017, and I have enough bottled water in our basement for 3 Hurricanes (knock on wood) and I have sunscreen on auto-delivery from Amazon Prime, because everyone in my house sunburns easily, and why not?

So what sort of push back do we get? You know the ones who always have cash when it turns out the beach town movie theater only takes cash


the person who looked up the traffic ahead of time so we aren’t late for the flight- the non Spontaneity joykillers.

-We are not viewed as fun. When how fun can it be to not have money, sunscreen or a parking pass for a day at a the beach?

-We are not perceived as carefree. I have huge issue with with one. Children and adults do better knowing what comes next. Anxiety flares up when the preventable is prevented. Sure, I can’t do anything about a rogue thunderstorm, but I can make sure I have umbrellas in my car.

– We win in the long run!! Wellbeing in mind. Having a rough idea of who is organizing dinner on Sunday at the Summer Lake house, does result in having dinner reservations for the entire family the night of at 6 pm. vs 945 when everyone is tired and over hungry.

To truly be focused on Health and Wellness, I need to have my eyes on the long game. The day to day choices matter, those choices lead to habits, which become a lifestyle.

On that note, I am off to Pilates CST50

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