Summer is such a huge milestone each year. Think of all the songs, the vacations and discussions about Summer. Winter really needs to work on their branding don’t you think??

It can feel like we look forward to Summer all year. This could be a hold over from all the years we spent in school or simply having children of that age.

Once it is here, the reality isn’t always what we thought we were daydreaming about back in January as we were stuck inside during a blizzard There are practical things to take into account such as the best DEET free bug spray, sunburns and accidentally drinking too much Rose.

As a Wellness Coach, I am often in an interesting position in that many people want to get healthy for the Summer, but once it is here many feel the realities of the Summer make it impossible to stay there or get started if they haven’t been able to make strides beforehand.

This leads to me being asked the same questions over and over by friends, clients or over social media.

“Shouldn’t I just wait until the Summer is over anyway? I have too much going on to possibly diet.”

I get this before the Holidays, as in three days after Halloween. Let me say this for once and for all THERE WILL NEVER BE A PERFECT TIME, SO THE TIME IS NOW. Let that one sink in for a minute, if we are looking for the ideal set of circumstances, none of us will ever do anything. Sometimes, we just have to start.

Taking care of ourselves doesn’t take that much effort compared to neglecting our own best interests. When we get enough sleep, healthy, eat well and exercise, we can be more present and fully capable in all areas of our life.

When we are sleep deprived, overweight, living on coffee and sugar and out of shape, we get tired going to the mailbox. How much effort is that in comparison? How fun can we be for our kids if we are always tired?

As I write this there are 43 days to Labor Day. So a little less than a 6 weeks to either stay the same, get healthier or worse. (I am fully aware of the Last Supper Syndrome, aka when we go all in with the food just in case the next diet actually works). A lot can improve in 43 days, if we decide it will each time there is a decision to be made. Why should we possible squander this time for a box of caramel corn and slurpee? Is it worth our health?

A friend of mine has 6 kids, is selling her house, work is crazy town and was telling me how she really wanted to lose 30 lbs but it was going to be impossible as all the kids were home and they needed to be driven all over creation. I told her to stop right there, and stop thinking about the THIRTY POUNDS, as that could overwhelm her and let’s just focus on today.

What can we do today to point her in the healthier direction?

Then I told her to stop it with the “it will be impossible” thinking as it doesn’t serve her at all.

Everything seems impossible until it is done now doesn’t it?

We can think whatever we want, so what if she was to think “It is possible to get healthier this Summer”?

A few days later, after she utilized all the extra help in her house to meal prep her food, to walk the dog so she could exercise, and get the older kids to drive the older kids around, she could progress to “ I will get healthier this Summer”. Everything starts in our thoughts, then they become our feelings.

We get to chose to think it is possible to get healthier this Summer versus having a defeatist attitude ahead of time, so pass the chili cheese fries, how in the world will that get us what we say we want?

I see the next 43 days as 43 days to get closer to my own goals. My personal, professional and health goals.

Won’t you come with me?

Do you have any Summer FAQs for me, leave me a comment.

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