How can I possibly eat healthy while I am on a cruise/renting a house in Nantucket with friends/traveling across Europe?

I can so relate.

Last Summer, my husband and I travelled while our kids were at sleep away camp. I was freaked out about the food, obsessing about all the kitchens where I would not know what was being put in my food, counting the number of different hotels we were going to stay in, and basically about to give myself a free pass to lose it for a good 90 seconds- until I realized I could stick to my trusty old Food Plan no matter where I was if I was determined.

I am using the term Food Plan intentionally. A food plan or protocol is the way I eat all the time, no matter where I am.

It is easier to have exactly what I want when I am home versus traveling across Cambodia.

It isn’t as tempting to stray off what I know is good for me when I am home compared to being at DisneyWorld.

I know the portions of my own food at my house in contrast to an all inclusive resort in the Caribbean. I am pretty good at eye balling things now and I am very skilled at knowing my own body when I am eating at how full I am becoming so I don’t “accidentally” eat too much.

I have found a way to do the same way to maintain my weight wherever I happen to be visiting. I do this by eating pretty much the same thing all the time.

The breakfast buffet can have a variety of offerings but I can always find some sort of protein and request grilled vegetables or have low glycemic fruit. I have done this in greasy spoon diners and fancy resorts. Once you are committed to eating a certain way, it becomes second nature. As does, being firm with asking the staff for what you need to feel your best. As I wrote yesterday, taking time off from feeling our best isn’t an option.

If you aren’t there yet and you want guidance for your upcoming plans, here is what I recommend.

1) Planning ahead. Admittedly, the logistics of a shared house is different than a cruise or changing hotels every 3 days. Yet, we can plan to eat the same things ahead of time, and to have backups if necessary. If you are sharing a house, make sure you have healthy food prepped for when everyone else is ordering 3 cheese and 5 meat pizza. If you are traveling across Europe, research ahead of time what you can eat in Tuscany that will not derail your well earned health accomplishments.

2) Stick to your own food plan. You do not need to try every single glass of wine from each winery in Napa now do you? So why are you attempting it?? You sure don’t need to have a crazy breakfast while you are there either.

Eat as close to what you would eat at home as possible. Our body does better without extremes. So to bombard our system with tons of rich, calorically dense food will make us lethargic and lower our immune system. Ever gotten a cold on the flight home from a trip? It isn’t always just because of the cooties on the plane.

3) It is just food. Say this to yourself often and then say it again.

Remember that when all is said and done, the food we consume isn’t what we remember, it truly isn’t. What we see, experience and who it is with is what will stick with us.

We might have fond memories of eating ice cream with Grandma on a Summer Day at the beach in Waikiki, but it isn’t really about the ice cream now is it? It is about Grandma and how we felt eating the ice cream, the sun on our face, the smell of the ocean. The ice cream is associated with the warm fuzzy feelings but they aren’t the cause of them- big difference.

We can always eat right if we want to eat right. I have faith in you.



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