“What about alcohol? I know they are sugar which is carbs!! I work so hard all year to have the body I have, and I don’t want to the only person NOT drinking”

I hear you, especially since it seems as though alcohol is flowing even more in the Summer than any other time of year. The term “Rose All Day” is often heard around many an outside bistro at brunch on a nice Sunday afternoon in my area of the country.

There are two ways to go with this fork in the road, or stem glass so to speak

1) Choose to not drink alcohol as fun isn’t had in bottle. Be the fun, and be comfortable in not drinking or drinking either way, no angst. It is up to you how you want to feel before, during and after you get together with others. If the idea of drinking or NOT drinking gives you any sort of extreme feeling, explore that. What is going on with you that this is a problem in the first place? Do you need to find new friends?

2) The practical answer. I have been known to nurse a white wine spritzer heavy on spritzer, ice and light on the Pinot Grigio pour. If the Froze (Rose slushee) is flowing, I have had the bartender add a lot of ice. I always have a lot of water between rounds. I have also chosen to just have sparkling water served in a stem glass with twist. It all depends on how I want to feel. Stay away from complicated cocktails with tons of syrup or mixers. This will dilute the amount of alcohol hitting your blood stream over an extended period of time.

I need to clear up something for everyone hear and now: FEW PEOPLE ARE REALLY PAYING ATTENTION TO WHAT IS IN YOUR GLASS.

They are too busy with their own lives, what they have going on in their own heads to notice if I am on my 2nd or 1st round of drinks.

If the thought of what other people are thinking is getting to you, take some time to explore why that is taking up space in your head.

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