Sun Care

Summer is finally here! Bring on the long days, flip-flops and catching fire flies.

I wear sunscreen year round but I up my game big time during the Summer. My kids have been known to call me SPF Stickler for how adamant I am they wear Sunscreen.

Some of my tricks for avoiding too much Sun this time of year:
Apply BEFORE you get to the beach or the pool. Sunscreen needs at least 20 to 30 minutes do soak in.
Be generous with it and be sure to rub it completely in so it is absorbed.
Reapply every 60-90 minutes. The suns rays are even stronger when reflecting off of water, and even waterproof sunscreen does start to be less effective over time

Have a fun Summer and be sure to wear Sunglasses as well!



PS I still have a few spots in End Emotional Eating.

This isn’t like any other Summer challenge group. I used to do those all the time, and they were always about shake mixes or detoxes.

We are going for the root of why we eat when we aren’t hungry or don’t stop when aren’t full- EMOTIONS.

It isn’t about the Food.

Food isn’t the problem. It becomes a problem, it isn’t THE problem.

Email me for more details be sure to put EEE in the subject line

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