There is a lot of confusion about Self- Care. Some people think it is about bubble baths and wine at the end of the day, while that can be a part of your own Self-Care, it should not be all of it.

Self-Care is to have a healthy regard for your own needs.

Everyone is different. If you need to have your bubble bath and wine to unwind at the end of a long day, then go for it. If you must do is a mani/pedi every other weekend, then be sure to schedule it.

We should make sure to schedule our haircuts, manicures or whatever we need to do to feel our best, and not blow off the appointment because we let other things get in the way.

What is not negotiable is to make yearly medical screenings, as they can save your life.

Women have a tendency to put themselves last on the priority list, as are their doctor’s appointments and health screenings, this can have long-lasting ramifications. We can not take care of our parents, families or even our pets if we are not healthy.

Love yourself as you want others to love you.

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