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I am not the first caregiver to sacrifice quality foods and nutrition by justifying the frenetic schedule of juggling my career, marriage, family life, and various extracurricular activities I feel grateful to be able to shuttle my children to. With numerous and various contributing factors we all face as we age, body changes after childbirth, etc...Erin has brought everything together for me in way that finally makes sense. I have experienced large successes followed by failures again with a number of weight loss programs throughout the last 15 years. Not because of my inability to follow through but because I finally really understand what was happening. It's been with Erin's support, guidance, and clear explanations that I've been able to finally understand as an academic as well as on an emotional level that the weight loss programs I'd tried previously were really cheating the system calorically and not helping me achieve what I truly needed which was a different relationship with food and an understanding of how sugar was effecting my body and sabotaging my goals. Instead of focusing on fitting into the small size I always made my goal, Erin has truly shifted my goal to healthy lifestyle changes that have lead to smaller sizes, but the purpose and motivation has been about physical health and overall well being. I have not been perfect throughout this journey but Erin's helpful information, creative planning, and ability to connect my feelings to behaviors have assisted me in resuming my health and fitness goals when I've fallen off the wagon and encouraged me to modify my day and set myself up to win. I have not just achieved a healthier lifestyle but a greater understanding of my relationship with food and how to sustain a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family. I have felt very privileged and lucky to have worked with such an intuitive and knowledgeable professional. I have lost 9.7 lbs in 4 weeks and I know I will lose more as I continue following Erin’s plan.

Suzanne, 52

There are plenty of diets on the market, but Erin and her plan (a new way of eating) help you make it happen. She has enabled me with the know-how, coached me, and given me the confidence to practice what she preaches with her no-nonsense, pragmatic approach. Erin has made mealtime so simple I'm blown away! Her coaching and eating plan has made a significant difference in how I approach meals in general. I've seen amazing results thus far (I've lost 12 pounds I didn't think I could lose), and I'm excited to see continued results! Erin's plan helped me achieve my goal of breaking up with sugar through more conscious eating habits. Personally, I now have an appreciation of the negative effects of sugar ad how significant a new way of disciplined eating has changed my attitude toward achieving my ultimate health and fitness goals. Erin is the best - thank you for all you do and keep up the great work - I can't wait to read your next book!
p.s. my husband thanks you, too!

Nicole, 40

Erin was the boost I needed to stop the sugar habit. I have always craved sweet things and could not drink coffee or tea (at least 4 cups a day) without adding sugar. With her support I have now stopped adding sweetener to my coffee and tea and I have doubled my veggie intake. I now look down and see my toes not just post pregnancy belly. It has been 2 1/2 years since I have not looked pregnant. Her honesty is refreshing and makes her easy to talk with.

Matt H, 30

In late 2016, I began thinking about my fitness goals for 2017 and I knew I wanted to become a stronger, more efficient runner. I shared this with Erin, and she asked me about my nutrition. I knew I generally cooked for myself and ate "healthy" food, but I had not given it much thought or consideration otherwise. She met with me one on one outside of Spin class to understand my approach to nutrition and has provided facts and insights into how nutrition can help me become a better runner. She offered to become my nutrition coach and looked over some sample food journals I kept. She carefully reviewed what I was eating and when. After she reviewed my food journal, she highlighted what I was doing well, and where she thought I could improve. While I was generally eating the right things, I just wasn't eating enough to fuel me up for my rigorous running and spinning schedule. Erin has taught me to think of food as fuel and provided suggestions on how to fuel properly. She checks in with me regularly and provides real-time feedback. If I ever have any questions, she immediately responds no matter what time of day. I have already seen significant performance gains under her guidance and working with Erin has helped me to set goals for myself that I never thought would be possible to achieve.

Joe D, 42

Erin is someone who practices the methods that she recommends and teaches, and is thereby truly able to teach by example. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that allow her to tailor her teachings to various special needs populations or individuals such as myself. Her skills have helped me to build muscle, maintain and increase my flexibility and lose weight. She has a wealth of nutritional knowledge and is effective in making healthy recommendations and easy substitutions to help her clients and students lead healthier lives.

Renee M, 34

Over the past 4 months, she has also been my health coach and has been a great support in urging me to make thoughtful food choices. Erin's work ethic, dedication, knowledge, and professionalism are beyond compare. I have great respect for her, as well as an admiration of her ability to do more in one day than some people accomplish in a week. She is an exemplary model of how to balance family and career while remaining conscious that the choices you're making are good for your body. She's deeply committed to her career path in health and wellness, and more specifically, health coaching. Her desire and enthusiasm to support others in making healthy choices are two of her greatest character traits.

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