The Blackest of all Fridays

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and took a minute to appreciate all the good things in
their life.

How are you feeling today? Did you overindulge yesterday and are in a food coma? Did you
splurge a little and still feel pretty good? If you are feeling great, feel free to jump to the next
paragraph. If you feel ok, drink a ton of water and get back to your usual food and exercise
routine. Resist the urge to go on the diet of the week your sister recommended because she heard
a Victorias Secret Angel got great results. Go back to what your body is used to and if there is
any junk that can be cut from that, do it. Now is always the perfect time to get rid of sugar, flour,
processed foods and artificial sweeteners.

No matter what your food choices were yesterday, today starts the time period when all bets are
off with The Holidays. Any restraint Nordstrom had is officially gone, here come the Christmas
songs on repeat, the decorations, the food, stress and the pressure. The Christmas cards and
catalogs will soon clog my mailbox, the Lexus ads where the lady gets a car with a giant red bow
for the Holidays will be on repeat and the Salvation Army volunteers will be ringing their bell at
the Grocery Store.

In honor of Christmas being 31 days away, I am doing something special. Every day, I will be
writing a Holiday themed blog and an accompanying video to get you to Christmas as Healthy

and Happy as possible. The videos will all be on my website at Up
until today, all videos were only made available to my private Facebook group. Also on my
webpage are recordings of Facebook Lives I have done, press and interviews.

For the 31 Days of Wellness, we will be focusing on practical applications for how to be Happy
and Healthy this Holiday Season.



To give you a sneak peak:
Day 1 Saturday, November 25th- Holidays why are they such a minefield?
Day 2 Sunday, November 26th- Grain Brain? What the wheat is the deal?
Day 3 Monday, November 27th- Splenda, Stevia and Agave: surely one of them is OK.

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