The F Word

I want to discuss something rather serious, a subject that I do not think we spend enough time on, and know we do not prioritize as a culture. It should be a top concern, especially in these Summer months, specifically in these times of great national stress. Where is the FUN? are you looking for opportunities to have a little bit of FUN each and every day? is FUN a priority in your Family? in your personal relationships?

As a Holistic Health Coach, I always ask Clients in an Initial Consultation “what do you do for ‘FUN?” Usually, they are coming off of a particularly unhealthy time of their lives, or are super stressed out and give me a super confused look. I make a point of asking again. Typically during round 2, I will get something like ” I drive my kids to soccer” followed by a half hearted laugh or “I used to do Zumba”. As rewarding as being an unpaid Uber driver can be, or trying Zumba in a church basement back in the first term of Obama Administration, I want to do know what they do EW Wellness Solutions lately for personal enjoyment. What they have done for nothing but the sheer joy of it in the last couple of weeks? 99% of the time with new clients, I get blank stares and I make a note on the Intake form to revisit this.Let’s take a minute to get technical. What the heck is FUN anyway? Not what do we find FUN, but what is the definition?

noun: FUN

enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure.”the children were having FUN in the play area”
synonyms: enjoyment, entertainment, amusement, pleasure
Why is FUN important? Why would I be asking about it on a Health History form? To me it shows a balanced life. The individual takes care of themselves and not just by flossing by their teeth and wearing sunscreen. The time they take to pursue hobbies or other pursuits that on the surface, do not appear to be a good use of ones time, but are in fact important for self-care and show over all balance.

Earlier this Summer, my husband and I went to Laos and took a tour of the Mekhong River. Now, it was hot and buggy and humid. I was offered moonshine with a scorpion in the bottle, and we went on a hike to see 500 buddhas in a cave full of bats. I would not classify such an experience as FUN, however it was worthwhile. We also went to Cambodia and took tours of the famous temples, very interesting and historically significant but not my idea of FUN.

Vacations are a great time to try new things in pursuit of FUN. I have done zip lining in Costa Rica and it was Fabulous. I recently went Surfing in the Maldives. This was kind of crazy, they drop you off from a boat in the Open Ocean, there isn’t the usual stand on the beach and walk up bit. However, it was FUN. I could have stayed back at the hotel and sipped umbrella drinks, but how FUN could that have truly been? Is taking the easy way out FUN for me? Hell no!!

So things we do for the sheer enjoyment are FUN, not practical reasons. It is also worth noting how individualized FUN is. I like Disneyworld, while my Husband tolerates the dancing Mickeys’s because our children adore the place, and he finds it rewarding to see how much they love it. So, it doesn’t register very high on his FUN meter. However, I didn’t go before we had children, nor would I go without the requisite children. So how FUN is it for me?

The summer is a great time to have FUN, and to try new things the can be FUN. I love Water sports. I enjoy Paddleboarding, Standup Paddleboarding Yoga, Jet skiing, Surfing, Parasailing, all types of boating and even tubing. These are very seasonal and or weather specific activities. I live in the New York City Area, so unless I am willing to get on a plane every weekend, I have to limit my surfing adventures to the Summer, and that is assuming I am willing to surf in the Hamptons.

I cannot say fly fishing interests me in the least. Nor does anything with fish in general. They do not sound FUN. In fact, they sound like the antitheses of FUN. I am also not inclined to want to learn about gardening, golf or things requiring glue guns. Now, these are my personal preferences. If you love digging in the dirt, wearing funny pants on the golf course and crafting yourself silly, then do it! as long as you are enjoying yourself and having FUN this Summer go for it. Just let’s meet up later for cocktails. This would be way more FUN than dragging the other on a day trip to try to try to covert he other to our way of thinking. That isn’t FUN at all!

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