The Pros and Cons of Intermittent Fasting

The Pros of intermittent Fasting are
1) To get us to stop eating all day as many of us snack as entertainment.
2) To give our body a break from having to always be digesting food.
3) Lastly, intermittent fasting gives us a chance for improved sleep as we are not eating close to bed.

Many people will have coffee in the morning with a little cream or bulletproof coffee until their first meal of the day.

The Cons are
1) Many of us will feel restless at first as Food is a big event in our day.
2) IF is not recommended for anyone with Type 1 Diabetes or hyper/hypoglycemia.
3) The biggest con I have found with Intermittent fasting is social, as much of our interactions and celebrations are based around shared food.

Eating dinner at 6pm on a Saturday could be problematic, but not every day needs to be a fasting day to see results.

I STRONGLY discourage anyone with a history of an eating disorder or food addiction to experiment with Intermittent Fasting as it can be problematic for such conditions.

Tomorrow: how to start developing your own Intermittent Fasting (IF) Eating Window.

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