This Is Us

Are you also obsessed with This Is Us? Did you watch last week’s episode “The Fifth Wheel”?

It was a lot to take in on many levels. I was relieved the writers used the words “food and addiction” when describing Kate. I even yelled “THANK YOU” at the tv.

She is a wonderful character and it appeared to me that didn’t simply have a weight problem since the pilot. As a Food Addiction Counselor, I felt the issue needed to be said but was more than worried it was not going to be.

It is estimated 1/3 of all Americans are obsessive or addicted to Food. Does this sound right to you? It does to me, as I used to be one of them. I was once addicted to Sugar and Artificial Sweetener, I did not even think that was possible, and many still do not, but rest assured it is.

Not all Food Addicts are overweight and not every person overweight is a Food Addict.

I go into greater detail on my blog or the today’s video

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