Vacation House Rentals

Renting a house for a vacation can be the best of both worlds. With the popularity of Airbnb and VRBO even more of us are renting houses or apartments when we travel than ever before. You are getting away from it all, but can still throw in a load of laundry if needed.

There aren’t the obvious wellness traps that resorts have such as giant umbrella drinks and massive desserts buffets. However, a Summer Vacation Rental still requires us to be dedicated to our health goals.

1) Stick to your eating schedule and plan as much as possible. Renting a house with your best friends from college and their children sounded like a great idea back in January when you rented the house. Now that is in June, and you are living in Camp Chaos, getting enough sleep, eating regular food at the regular time is a form of self defense. It is tempting to skip breakfast and just eat brunch as the kids are screaming and you ended up making pancakes for 12, but this is not the week to try the Intermittent Fasting concept out. Be sure to have groceries delivered the day you arrive and do NOT make the rookie mistake of going to the grocery store on Saturday when the rentals turn over, as the rest of humanity will be there with you.

2) Create structure to your week. Something as simple as assigning dinner to someone each night or you will be eating chips and drinking margaritas from 5-8 while everyone figures if they are hungry or not. Good luck getting a table for 14 when your group decides to finally head out. Be sure to exercise each day before the group gets up, or else it will not happen. Waiting for the perfect opening in the day will never happen, so you have to take it.

3) Not every meal is special. Over a weeks house rental, 21 meals will be eaten. Do not consider each one to be a splurge meal. Most of the time, you will be eating lunch, so stick to the regular old food as often as you can. Do not eat Sun Chips all day or eat ice cream just because it a Nantucket family tradition. Sure, eat the one or two things you must have on the trip but do not do it every day or else you will not be feeling your best when it is time to take out the jet skis.

After shows like Jersey Shore we all know crazy things can happen at Summer Vacation Rentals!

Have fun everyone but remember to pace yourself and let the fun come from your friends and family not the food and drinks.

Oh and if some guy named The Situation asks if you want to dance, decline but that is a whole different post now isn’t it???


Erin Boardman Wathen


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