“We are our choices”

One of my favorite action movies growing up was Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade. The entire plot of the movie is decided on which cup Indiana’s father decides is the Holy Grail. There are about 50 fake ones to select the true one from. A mystical knight from the days of the Crusades has been selected to protect The Holy Grail for 100s of years.

At first, an evil double crossing sexy Nazi agent picks up an ornate and ostentatious cup, that the Big Bad had selected. She puts water into it, gives it to the Big Bad to drink, as he is injured and it should cure him instantly- if it is the Holy Grail and yet he turns to dust. The knight says “He chose…poorly”.

How often do we chose poorly and then are angry with the results?

I see it all the time with Wellness.
We say we want change.
We say we want to feel better in our skin.
We say we want to be the person we know we can be, and yet we do not make the choices necessary to become that person.

Why is that? It isn’t because a mystical knight is there to distract us. It is usually because we do not see how every decision matters.

We are not connecting the dots between not getting enough sleep over time and our hunger.
We do not see the connection between living off of Sugar and caffeine and our mood swings.
We keep telling ourselves it is normal to be constantly stressed out.

Our choices become us. If we want to change how we feel and we must make different choices.

We can not make the same choices and hope for different results.

The beauty of choices is we get to make new ones almost constantly, just make sure it is one that reflects how you want to feel, who you want to be and how you want to live.

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