Wedding Strategies- Alcohol

Alcohol at Weddings

As we wrap up the Wedding Strategy Series, I knew I had to address Alcohol.

Eat what you normally would before you arrive at the wedding. Even if you are at a destination wedding, or if you experiencing jet lag.

You never know how long it will be until the passed appetizers come, or if you will be cornered by the grooms third cousin, 4 times removed who just can not stop talking about their twin preschoolers funny adventure that bores you to tears.

The passed appetizer person is MIA, but the dirty martini person keeps finding you. You will be glad you had actual food in your stomach not only for the story that never ends, but to soak up the alcohol.

 Before arrival, write down how many drinks you will be having and why. Don’t just wing it- that never turns out well. Stick to your plan. Intend on tasting the alcohol and noticing if you like how it tastes, smells and how your body is responding to it. Do not drink too much, no matter how much you feel like everyone is in love but you. Alcohol will not fix anything. Remember to stay away from syrupy drinks and have club soda between rounds.

Be your best self, or as close as you can be. Have fun. Do not obsess over why everyone is seemingly married but you or why your husband is not as romantic as the Groom. Get out of the wedding love bubble before you approach your significant other with any complaints, as your judgment might be a tad clouded from the love vibes floating overhead stronger than the champagne fountain is flowing at the reception.

If the wedding turns into reunion of your old high school crew, do not look for closure from your ex best friend there, it is not the time. Set up a coffee for the following week.

Weddings can be great places to meet people and I know many couples who have met at weddings, so be open whatever the Universe throws your way. Be available to all possibilities, and maybe even go up for catching the garter or the bouquet. You never know where you will find love, a new friend or work contact.

“I thought, ‘I’m really gonna have to up my game, sit down, and make sure I’ve got good chat.’” Prince Harry on meeting Duchess Meghan for the first time.

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