Wedding Strategies- Friends

Bridesmaid Drama in wedding parties is so common it was the main theme of the movie Bridesmaids.

What is it about Save the Date cards, a girlfriends engagement ring and “no they are really great” bridesmaid dresses that make so many us revert to our inner mean girls?

Why do some of us end up jockeying for position over who is the better friend? Didn’t everyone get the memo that you really do not want to be the Bridezilla’s go to the day of the wedding when the ice sculpture wasn’t how she hoped?

What to do?
1) Do not be in anyone’s wedding if you are luke warm about them. It is too much of a commitment of money, time and emotional energy that you do not have over the next couple of months or year. If the friendship isn’t what is once was or if being a Bridesmaid next Summer sounds as much fun to you as scrubbing toilets with a toothbrush, decline the invitation.

2) Do not be a BAD bridesmaid. If you just got over a really ugly breakup or if you can not leave your own “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” internal dialogue at the door.

If you detest the brides sister, or if you dated the groom back in college, but you are so super, absolutely, totally over it all because you are mature and evolved and self-actualized and it’s been years and that is why you keep talking about how over it you are and you are friends with the bride- DO NOT accept.

You want to only bring good energy to the wedding party, no drama with the other women, no going crazy over who can throw the biggest bridal shower, or organize the most embarrassing bachelorette party.

3) Fall in Love with the Process. Go into your role as a Bridesmaid with a servants heart.

If the Bride wants you to go with to Pottery Barn again to look at platters, and you do have an extra couple of hours on Saturday, then go. If you do not have the time, then do not do it.

If one of your fellow Bridesmaids proposes the bachelorette weekend be in one of your least favorite places you could possibly imagine. Turns out it is the Brides dream to go on a girls RV trip ending in Las Vegas, then go and remember it is not about you. Have fun at the Hoover Dam and the Magic Mike show.

“A happy bridesmaid makes a happy bride.”
Alfred Tennyson

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