Why Can't I Stick to my Diet?

The Definitive Anti-Diet Guide!

Why Can't I Stick to my Diet?

Can you imagine a life where you always weigh what you want to weigh? Where you aren't constantly counting calories? Or trying to figure out how much time you have left to lose weight before spring break?

Falling off a diet happens to the best of us, but it doesn't have to happen ever again. It is not a moral issue or a matter of willpower. It comes down to science and when people know more, they can make permanent changes, so they never have to go on a diet again. Holistic Weight Loss Coach Erin Boardman Wathen knows this issue on a personal level and promises that her Four Fundamentals Food Plan will be your last diet ever.

The Four Fundamentals Food Plan doesn't require special foods or spending 3 months in an ashram in India. Why Can’t I Stick to My Diet reveals why most diets are so hard to stick to and shows that all readers really need is focus, determination, and a regular grocery store. It helps emotional eaters ditch the diet mentality for good, featuring proven methods to figure out specialized food plans for life. Erin guides readers through all the common sticky food situations, so they can get on with their life and be who they were always meant to be!

Messages From Those Living Their Best Life!

"Dear Sugar,"

First off, I was originally given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review but have subsequently purchased it. Why? Because the book is worth it.The author writes in plain English and the personal stories she shares along the way help the reader feel connected to her and our shared struggle. In a way, I am not the target audience as the book is directed towards women but in other ways, I am.

When I was younger and wanted to lose weight, it was simple. Run. I could eat anything I wanted and simply exercise 5 our 10 pounds away without a problem - then my 40s hit and learned that I couldn't run my self away from a poor diet. The author does a great job of describing how sugar hijacks our body. Her constant comparison to other chemical addictions (drugs and alcohol) is spot on and really helps the reader to think about food in a different light.

This isn't a book filled with tables, scientific formulas, or preachy prose. It is a roadmap for how to write a "Dear Sugar," letter and cut out a substance more addictive than some street drugs. 5 Stars!

"Healthy Eating Made Simple and Effective"
Jim Brown

Erin Boardman Wathen candidly shares the ups and downs of her relationship with food, her journey out of sugar addiction and a proven plan that will guide you on the path to a vibrant life fueled by healthy eating. Solid advice, practical solutions, real results.

Drawing from her extensive nutritional training, Erin shares insights on how sugar impacts your body (e.g., immune system, inflammation, etc.) and simple strategies for food shopping, meal planning and taking charge of your health.

Erin also tackles emotional eating head on, exploring some of the relevant root causes and triggers as well as how sugar affects your brain and, consequently, your food choices.

"Why Can't I Stick to My Diet" is an excellent resource for anyone who is serious about developing healthy habits that you will (WANT TO) maintain long term.

"Best book I've ever read about food!"

This book is the most practical, helpful book I've ever read about food. As someone who has always struggled with weight and wellness, I found such encouragement in Erin's transparency about her own struggles. Using her own story to demonstrate the payoffs, she guides the reader onto a simple path to healthful eating. Erin's plan includes no gimmicks, no trendy cleanses, no special shakes, nothing that came out of a laboratory; she just asks you to eat real food. I've tried Erin's plan, and the results have been amazing. My mental and physical health have improved in amazing ways. Oh, and I've lost ten pounds. I encourage anyone who has ever struggled to stick with healthy eating to read this book. If your health is like mine when I first read it, you have nothing to lose and possibly so much to gain.