Why I Love Exercise

I love to exercise. It is my jam, my thing, my happy place. Some of my girlfriends have wine, or crafts or reality tv.

The main reasons I love to exercise:

1) It is MY time. My life is full and has only gotten more so lately. With my family, my business and everything else, I have commitments from the time I wake up, until I the time I go to sleep. The hour I am working out, I rarely have my phone with me, this is on purpose. I do not want to be disturbed. If something time sensitive is going on. I can always leave my phone with the desk person at my local gym. Other than that, I am all in for the nest hour.

2) I always finish with a better perspective. I might walk into the studio, or my home gym feeling grumpy or annoyed. Things weren’t going my way. A client is feeling frustrated with their weight loss or my kid’s teacher needs to “talk”, solutions usually present themselves to me during the hour. My client might just need to start the pause technique during meals and my child’s teacher turns out wanted to let me know about an upcoming enrichment opportunity. No need to stress after all.

3) The physical benefits. Once the endorphins kick in, I truly do feel better, it is a chemical reaction. When we exercise, your bodies releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brains that reduce our perception of pain. (Webmd 2018). It also can help with mild depression and insomnia.

Why do you love to exercise?

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