“Why I Now Stay In My Seat”

I’m writing this from an airport waiting area. We’ve been deplaned due to maintenance issues.

I’ve told my kids this a good thing (I am digging deep here, pretending to be mature grown up) that we need to let the mechanics do what is needed. I just want to get home and get there yesterday.

From my seat, I can see a wall of sugar. My former best friends, not going to pretend I don’t see them. I am not getting up to wander around as nothing good will come of this.

You might be asking “why is she sharing this?” Or “isn’t she over sugar yet”?

Here is why and it’s important: Staying in the seat and writing to you is the change. That is the growth, that is the magic. Sure, it is easy to the do the right thing under ideal circumstances.

I have screaming children around me, not all of them mine, I’m crabby, my ribs are bruised if not broken and there is a giant wall of sugar in the airport. I have a couple of the chairs from me screaming at each other in a language I do not speak, but I understand anger and frustration.

This is why Sugar is different and so damned hard at times to kick. My 8 year old can go buy it for me. No one would care. I would know and I do not do that sort of thing anymore because I know better
Even when it isn’t easy.
Even when no one would know
Even when part of me could rationalize it as everyone eats Sugar as it is the Holidays.

I’m not and I won’t. I am letting you all into this little moment in my yucky afternoon so you know, I am
NOT perfect.
I do not have all the answers all the time, I just stay in my seat.
When in doubt, stay in your seat and reach out to friends.
You will never regret NOT eating the food you have broken up with.

On that note, my flight is boarding.



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