Wrap on the 31 days of Wellness

When I decided it would be a little project back in November, it seemed easy enough. Lots of Holiday topics and how much time could it really take? I mean there is so much to discuss and no reason to go into anything deep? Was I ever wrong…

It ended up being a pretty big endeavor and I am grateful I started. My social media manager wasn’t always so thrilled since halfway through week one I tossed out the lighthearted planned topics such as “Favorite Holiday Movies” for “I Secretly Hate Christmas”

Every day I would blog 500-1000 words or so, do an Insta post, 3 FB posts, find a Holiday song, do a 3-5 minute video, post it and then start on the next day

I don’t have a problem with hard work, or time well spent at all. I couldn’t have imagined what a gift the 31 Days of Wellness would have been to Myself.

To think I usually like to buy myself clothes this time of year!
1) It made me challenge myself as far as daily posts on blogs, FB and Instagram

2) I was able to truly share parts of myself with you that I didn’t anticipate. It isn’t always fun to be the one person who isn’t drinking at a party or who isn’t thrilled with Christmas. Well, now you have me!! So we have each other

3) I had to take my daily obligations to you as seriously as I do to anyone else in my life. Even if my flight was delayed, or the Wi-Fi stunk and the video wouldn’t upload or I have bruised ribs from surfboard smacking them….a promise is a promise

In the same way, I said we would do 31 Days of Wellness, I am now throwing down the gauntlet for a bigger challenge

Details to follow. I don’t want to ruin the surprise.



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