You Can’t Always Get What You Want

In the Rolling Stone classic song, “you can’t always get what you want, but you get what you
need” it summarizes my theory on Food now that I am on this side.

I am about to write a few positive things about Sugar, but I want you to reserve judgment until
the end. So don’t stop reading and tell yourself “Erin wrote Sugar is great, so hand over the
cupcakes”. The first time we went to Sugar and had felt a chemical reaction to it, we did not
realize we were signing up for symptoms such as premature aging, heart disease, depression and
a tooth decay. Sugar can feel fantastic!! Especially on a chemical level. On an emotional level,
we often associate it with celebrations, love, and fun. Psychologically, it can be used to get us
through the day, as an attempt to combat sleep deprivation and a way to numb out. The problem
is, the sugar will eventually wear off and we are faced with having to eat more and more or
having a blood sugar crash. Neither is a great solution.

I was recently asked if I could return to eating Sugar, and not gain weight, would I? My answer
was No! Not just because I wrote a book on the dangers of Sugar, or because of how fabulous I
feel. I would decline the Sugar deal with the Devil because I know how inflammatory Sugar is
and inflammation is the source 95% of disease. Inflammation can also be stress, but through a
bad diet, we are encouraging inflammation into our bodies. Think about that one, each time we

eat badly, we are sending an embossed invitation to disease to come and hang out in our body. I
do not want disease at any party I host!

Our bodies do not know it is Christmas and to not pay any attention to the stress, sugar, and
alcohol. The human body must respond accordingly to the negative stimuli we are throwing at it.
Our bodies are going to metabolize and integrate the food and drinks we offer it without any
sense of what day the calendar reads. So, when we go off the rails for a month, your body will
respond. Sure, we can eat whatever we want, however, there will be some sort of consequence.
Whether it be weight gain, moodiness, bloating or acne, we can not eat what you want!

We can eat what we need. Our bodies are always up for lots of vegetables, low glycemic fruit,
high-quality sources of protein, fats, and water. Eating sensibly is never out of season.



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